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We are booked solid for two weeks with special events….sorry no street food (August 15-August 30) We will be back on the street for picnic take outs on Sunday, August 31. Come have a blast in Roxbury. Will be posting menu this week.



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Send us your order now for pick up later! Limited internet sometimes prohibits us from receiving orders. In that regard pre-orders for lunch should be made by 10 am and for dinner by 3pm. We will confirm the receipt of your order, confirm your pick-up time, and provide you a total for your order and you may then pre-pay for the order on our website or let us know you will be paying truck side with cash or check.
If you do not receive confirmation of your order, then we are out of service. Sorry for the inconvenience!

a new experience in culinary tradition!

cocktail parties, dinner events (our house or yours),  fundraisers, brunch, and  all out catering for all occasions.

info@ateoatecatering.com 607.326.3392