Saturday, November 2


November 2-Menu

The South Lot of The Roxbury

4pm onward.

Menu subject to change at the caring discretion of the chef.

~ Chicken Taco Soup with corn tortillas $8

~ Large Fresh Wings-Chipotle BBQ or Fresh herb

6 for 6 or 13 for $12

~ Overstuffed Sausage  Wontons 6 for $7

~ Shrimp Scampi Po Boy on Garlic Bread         $12

~ Spicy Pork Po Boy Sandwich with spicy Dijon mayo and pickles          $10

~ Carolina Chicken with Gruyere, roasted red pepper, sautéed onions and Carolina sauce with Chips and Slaw         $10

~ The Roquefort Special. Roquefort, garlic, brandy, endive, roasted red pepper, green apple and walnuts on grilled ciabatta with Chips and Slaw $10

~ The Dinner Dog with toppings Chips and Slaw  $5

Apple or Pear Fritters with Maple Glaze 5 for $5

All items include tax