Revised Saturday Menu…

Forgot to Add the new Ahi Tuna Potstickers

Saturday, November 23

The South Lot of The Roxbury 5pm onward

Menu subject to change at the caring discretion of the chef.


~ Hearty Minestrone $6

~ NEW!!! Ahi Tuna Potstickers $10

~ Large Fresh Buffalo Wings or Schezuan 6 for $6 or 13 for $12

~ Pulled Chicken sandwich with Southern style honey mustard BBQ Sauce, and homemade chips or potato salad or small garden salad         $10

~ Mixed Green Salad with Champagne Maple Vinaigrette $8

~ NEW!!! Creamy Penne Alfredo Vegetarian, Chicken or Shrimp sauteed to order. $12

~ NEW!!!!!~ Grilled Ribeye Steak Sandwich: Grilled Ribeye with gruyere and cheddar cheese sauce topped with homemade onion rings and wasabi mayo on ciabatta with chips and slaw $15

~Meatball Parm….really….wow $10

~ Hot Dogs with Chips or Potato Salad          $5


All items include tax