July 10–Outside Streamside Dining

Please join Ate O Ate in historic Kirkside Park for a relaxing outdoor dining experience, streamside, in historic Kirkside Park, Roxbury. The newly renovated barn space offers both outside dining and under awning and pavilion space for the most splendid dining experience in the Catskills. Rain or shine, we have you covered.

Wednesday’s Menu

The Barns at Kirkside Park, Roxbury (behind Kirkside Retirement Home)

4pm to 8:08

~ Garden to Truck Salad

Mixed greens, red onion, cucumber, shaved carrots, grated cheddar and choice of champagne maple vinaigrette or cucumber dill                        $8

~Chilled Fresh Pesto and Soba Noodles                        $10

~Summer Sandwich

On a bed of greens with olive tapenade and balsamic reduction on ciabatta with homemade chips and slaw            $10

~BBQ Chicken

Choice of leg/thigh or breast with homemade chips and slaw            $10

~A Super Delicious Burger

Grilled ground brisket, with bacon and choice of cheddar or pepper jack with homemade chips and slaw                        $10

~Grilled Cauliflower Sliders (2 per order)

Grilled cauliflower with pickled radish and red onion and curry mayo on a grilled brioche slider roll with homemade chips and slaw                        $10

~Nathan’s Dogs

$3 or

with toppings (homemade onion sauce and/or spiced ground beef sauce)


Sub fries for chips $2

Iced cold lemonade $3