I have to take a minute to say how wonderful it was to get home, after an incredibly long day of running here and there, to find some amazingly delicious and (do I dare say?) wholesome food prepared by ate.o.ate catering/Rich Ellsworthin my kitchen. (My husband requested I also add that it was the most delicious take-out he has ever had in Roxbury!) I don’t think I can describe how awesome it was to 1. not have to cook after an extremely long day 2. but not have to compromise on taste 3. yet more importantly, to know that the food I was eating was also healthy, home-made, by people who love to do what they do and care about the quality of what they are making. So thank you! I hardly ever eat out or order in, but I think that will be changing. Eating from ate-o-ate is like having the most delicious home-cooked-meal-I’d-never-be-able-to-cook-myself, in the comfort of my own home. huzzah!

Karina M W

I don’t think I can describe how awesome it was