Halloween menu

Halloween Menu

4:30 to 8:08 at home base across from the Roxbury Arts Center in Roxbury (just off Main Street)

Menu subject to change at the caring discretion of the chef.


~ Ground Brisket Chipotle BBQ Skewers. 3 for $7

~ Pork Belly : Lovingly slow cooked Crisp Pork Belly on Romaine with Maple Mayo on Ciabatta with Chips and Slaw ~ $10

~ Carolina Chicken or Pork with Gruyere, roasted red pepper, sautéed onions and Carolina sauce with Chips and Slaw         $10

~ The Roquefort Special. Roquefort, garlic, brandy, endive, roasted red pepper, green apple and walnuts on grilled ciabatta with Chips and Slaw $10

~ The Dinner Dog with toppings Chips and Slaw  $5

Apple and Pear Fritters with Maple Glaze 5 for $5


All items include tax