From the Chef and the heart of the truck…

This has been a difficult week. Between a bad cold and flu like symptoms to sub zero weather and a truck that wouldn’t start, I was faced with the decision to step back and regroup for a couple of days. As we head into the weekend, I am feeling much better and the truck…well, that still requires plenty of TLC on cold winter days, but I am pleased to say the SS Ate o Ate is receiving the attention it needs and will be ready to serve gr-ATE food again on Friday. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Regardless, the need to stay close to home base this weekend is inevitable. So….we will be right here on the corner of Main and Vega Mountain on Friday night. For those local folk, part time residents, guests of the motel, or anyone else out there, I am offering an Ate o Ate friday pick up dinner special. You can order by phone or email before 4pm for a pick between 5 and 8:08 (or later if you need…just talk to me). Menu will be posted tomorrow and your food can be picked up hot and ready to take home. Or, you can just stop by the truck, but advanced orders guarantee your dinner will be ready and waiting.

Saturday night is business as usual from the South Lot at the Roxbury Motel (open to the public).

Menu for Friday and Saturday will be posted tomorrow afternoon.