Corner of Main and Bridge Today!!!

From 4pm to 8:08 we are serving up some grATE soups, wings, sliders, ratatouille, dogs, and salads….what better way to launch the holiday weekend. The Butternut Squash soup is amazing, the Sausage Lentil is filled with hearty goodness, the wings are traditional hot wings that are  fresh and cooked to order, the ratatouille  is a vegetarian delight, the Bleu Cheese Stuffed sliders are served with a drizzle of hot wing sauce and homemade chips (or slaw if you want it), the reintroduction of the Riccis salad has been and continues to be a hit, and the Nathan’s dogs, well, top em as you want em…note: the saurkraut is one of RIch’s long standing recipes…so com on out, get some food and head home to hunker down before some great outdoor fun tomorrow.