Another Saturday Night…

Saturday, November 23

The South Lot of The Roxbury 5pm onward

Menu subject to change at the caring discretion of the chef.

~ Hearty Minestrone $6

~ Large Fresh Buffalo Wings or Schezuan 6 for $6 or 13 for $12

~ Pulled Chicken sandwich with Southern style honey mustard BBQ Sauce, and homemade chips or potato salad or small garden salad         $10

~ Mixed Green Salad with Champagne Maple Vinaigrette $8

~ NEW!!! Creamy Penne Alfredo Vegetarian, Chicken or Shrimp sauteed to order. $12

~ NEW!!!!!~ Grilled Ribeye Steak Sandwich: Grilled Ribeye with gruyere and cheddar cheese sauce topped with homemade onion rings and wasabi mayo on ciabatta with chips and slaw $15

~Meatball Parm….really….wow $10

~ Hot Dogs with Chips or Potato Salad          $5