Dear Editor,

I would just like to make a comment about a wonderful catering group we have right here in our local environs. They are known as AteOAte and can be located at I was very lucky to have been invited to two affairs in private homes catered by AteOAte. At each the staff was exceptionally friendly and professional, service was perfect and the food delicious, and there was plenty of it. The hosts Susan Dey and husband Bernard for Bassett hospital where details of the proposed new Andes clinic were presented, and Steve & Julie Berg a reception and dinner for the board and friends of the Catskill Mountain Club of which Steve is the president. All were most gracious in opening their beautiful homes for these two separate affairs. Our community is lucky to have such generous and civic minded folks. Thank you Bernard, Susan, Steve, Julie for your community efforts and hospitality and AteOAte for your great catering.

Jack McShane
Andes NY

A Letter to An Editor!