12/31/12 Menu


4:00 pm to Whenever pm


The north lot of the infamous Roxbury Motel (please note, parking is extremely limited…please park on upper bridge street or Main and walk to us…Thanks.

Ate O Ate is pleased to offer the following variations of dishes that are close to our hearts, family and friends…and now you…hoping to make them some of your favorites. All prices include tax…(if you want to know what the actual cost to you before tax then get out the calculator divide your total by 1.08)


Smoked salmon, cucumber and scallion Nori roll with wasabi and soy

Soup du Jour

Shrimp Bisque, Tomato Bisque or Corn Chowder
cup…$5….Bowl $7…

Beef Sliders (2 per order)

Chef’s specially spiced beef served with cheese \caramelized onions with all the appropriate accoutrements pickles, ketchup, mustard, or anything else we can muster up and home made s chips.

Pulled BBQ Chicken Sliders-(2 per order)

Farm raised chicken, roasted and drenched in homemade BBQ sauce served on rolls with home made slaw and pickles and home made traditional chips.

Falafel Minis

with choice of tahini or yogurt sauce

Szechuan Wings…the ultimate alternative to Buffalo wings

8 wings for $8
16 Wings for $15

And then there is salad…..

Ate O Ate is proud to re-introduce the infamous Ricci’s Salad to the Catskills. Great story, stop for details!!!!
$7 and well worth the salad and the story….

Cupcakes….minis or majors….unless Rich eats them all tonight

Minis…2 for $1

The spirit and attitude behind the Ate O Ate operation:

We strive to use the freshest ingredients available and use 100% compostable containers, cups, lids, and dinnerware. We serve Vly Mountain Spring Water bottled in Halcott Center by the DiBenedetto Family in exchange for our fryer oil, which will be converted into bio diesel. We vow to continue to build this business by using local growers, producers, and suppliers whenever possible. And will continue doing everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint while providing great food and service to the Catskill Region. We strongly believe all of this is worth the effort and hope you do too.